Very Rare Small Tavern Clock

A lovely, small Tavern clock that has survived in remarkably original condition. Weight driven timepiece movement, with brass hands. The case retains almost all of its original lacquer work, (with only very minor restoration) and its original transfer to the door which features a traditional inn scene. This clock is further unusual in that it was originally made with calendar work that has long since been removed. The original calendar box through the dial has been blanked off with a piece of wood that’s patination is similar to that of the rest of the dial, meaning that the calendar was scrapped close to the time of original manufacture. It is possible that the calendar was unreliable due to there being no direct connection between the dial and movement; in addition, a dial being made of wood will always shrink/move only adding to the unreliability. After much deliberation, it was decided not to reinstate the calendar work in case we encountered the same problems!

Dated: C.1780-90
Length: 20”/51cm
Height: 47”/120cm high
Depth: dial O/D

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